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We Choose Virtues Review

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I am proud to have been chosen to review two of We Choose Virtues (WCV) fabulous character training resources!

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The first product I would like to talk about is the Kids of VirtueVille Posters – Mini Set.

This fabulous set comes with 3 large posters with 4 virtues on each. You can choose to hang these as 3 big posters or cut them apart to make 12 mini posters.

There are several things that I like about these posters:

  1. The character virtues included are perfect for the children AND adults. In this set you have I am Gentle, I am Kind, I am Honest, I am Helpful, I am Forgiving, I am Content, I am Diligent, I am Attentive, I am Self-Controlled, I am Perseverant, I am Patient, and I am Obedient. All character traits that every person needs to continually work to build in their lives.
  2. The printed confessions for the children on the front make it easy for children to understand what each virtue is teaching them.
  3. The multi-ethnic and colorful illustrations of the cards echoing the beauty and uniqueness of God’s creation. This has helped our 3-year-old to remember the virtue based upon recognizing the wonderful illustrations!

We have these hung in our school room/library as 3 large posters. A beautiful reminder of the virtues we are practicing every day!


The second product I would like to talk about are the Faith Based Parenting Cards (these are also available without the scriptures).

This awesome set of cards includes 12 virtues that go hand in hand with the Kids of VirtueVille Poster set above. The same 12 virtues are included on the Faith Based Parenting Cards: I am Gentle, I am Kind, I am Honest, I am Helpful, I am Forgiving, I am Content, I am Diligent, I am Attentive, I am Self-Controlled, I am Perseverant, I am Patient, and I am Obedient.

These cards are wonderful as they include the following resources to train your children to be virtuous in character:

  1. Confessions on the front of the card that each child can repeat to help keep the virtue at the forefront of their mind. For instance, the I am Gentle card says: I am Gentle. I speak quietly and touch softly. I am NOT rough, harsh, or loud, and I don’t destroy things or hurt people.
  2. Included on the front of each Faith Based Parenting card is a scripture that correlates with the virtue. This makes it easy for children to memorize the scriptures and recall them when they are tempted to act in an undesirable fashion.
  3. Like the posters mentioned above, these cards have the beautiful and vibrant multi-ethnic illustrations on each card helping children with recalling the information.
  4. “Virtue User Challenge” on the back of the card giving the family a chance to implement the virtue being taught.
  5. “What to say after I’m sorry” section on the back of the card giving the children insight into the importance of how they respond when they are the ones to say sorry, OR they are the ones receiving the apology.
  6. “Teachable moments for Gentle families…” section on the back of the card giving families ideas on how to take the discussion further and build upon the lesson through different activities.
  7. “The Kids of VirtueVille” section on the back – introduces you the child on the front of the card making it easier for young children to connect with the virtue being taught from a personal perspective.


***You can read my review of the WCV Virtue Clues and Flash Cards here.***



If you are teaching your children how to live a life of integrity, I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing ANY of the We Choose Virtues products.



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  1. I have been looking for activities to assist me in teaching these virtues to my children. AND thank you for sharing the discount code!!


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