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Spring Ideas For Homeschooling Elementary

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Spring Ideas For Homeschooling Elementary

Spring has reached us and many families are looking forward to getting some sunshine! Our family is no different in that need. We are focusing our school lessons on the season this year more than before. The winter wore out it’s welcome in our home; how about yours? When the sun would burst over the cloudy sky, I’d rush to open the curtains and the kids would ask if it was warm enough to go out and play. We tired of coloring pictures of the sun and flowers and were more ready to dig in the dirt and bask in the sunshine!

The great thing about kids is you can adapt your educational journey inside for the day or outside! We will be spending most of our school days this warm spring outside. We have four garden beds to tend and will begin planting our vegetables and herbs. I have found some great lapbooks for this and want this to be a focus for us this season. Kids love to draw and plan, so I want them to be able to manage one garden bed as a class. They can learn to chart the growth and learn about the vegetable or herbs planted in specific squares of the garden bed. My children enjoy this type of learning and many children do! You don’t have to be just of elementary age to enjoy this sort of learning.  The best part is our entire family will benefit from everyone’s efforts in this project.

Grab those garden utensils and gardening aprons and let’s get busy! I’m so excited to spring into our gardening with the wonderful experience to share with my children. Having the kids homeschooled teaches me a lot about slowing down and really learning about the process on another level. I find that I learn on a deeper level because I have to teach in a way all of my kids can understand. My kids now prefer to get their hands in the lessons. This gardening experience will give them a new perspective on gardening. Last year we’d spend our sunny afternoons harvesting herbs and vegetables. It was always exciting when we’d snag our harvesting pail and head outside. This year it’s going to be put to paper so we can look back and see what we learned.

Our resources this spring will be from nature itself, first hand experience, and the library! I want to make sure my children get to handle the herbs or vegetables they manage this spring in recipes. Did you change any of your end-of-the-school-year plans to focus on the season?

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