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Kercheval Family Homecoming {Redeployment} Video

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Our redeployment video is done! I am so grateful that Myriam Nicodemus captured the footage and put together such a beautiful video depicting the anticipation of a loved one returning from deployment!

You can find the video below. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!



About Carlie Kercheval

Carlie Kercheval is a happily married work-at-home homeschooling mom. She and her college sweetheart have been blessed with 3 precious children to raise while traveling the world as a military family. Carlie is the founder of Today's Frugal Mom™ and Managing Your Blessings. She is also the co-author of the Learning to Speak Life™ family Bible studies and co-founder of Fulfilling Your Vows. When she is not busy enjoying her family and the great outdoors, you can typically find her cozied up somewhere under a blanket with a good book. You can connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


  1. Carlie, so beautiful!! I am just so incredibly happy for you guys to have your husband safely at home. Thank you for sharing the video with us. Big hugs to you & your family!

  2. Betty Jo Hendrickson says:

    So very glad your husband is home and safe. Tell him thanks so much for serving us. My eyes are still misty from the video

  3. Um good grief what a gorgeous video that made me cry. So happy you are all back together!

  4. Danielle Hull says:

    Beautiful video, beautiful family! Made me cry, of course 😉

  5. That was beautiful!

  6. Beautiful video! Thank you for sharing this moment with us.

  7. The look of relief in your eyes… The video was touching and moving!

  8. yvonne spiller says:

    that was beautiful! u put it well, this is the moment we live for for the entire year! loved hannahs commend about daddys height lol. she did a really good job! but it was a bit difficult to hear you guys in the park bc of the background noise… other than that JUST PLAIN AWESOME

  9. What a beautiful, beautiful video this is… and beyond that, what a testimony this is to your husband and his daily sacrifices for his fellow Americans. Thank you so much for sharing this — the image of your husband holding your youngest at the end of video will stick with me — someone was happy to see their daddy!

    I hope you’re enjoying your time!

  10. Carlie that was just beautiful! So happy he is home, so thankful for his service and for the sacrifices your entire family has made for us!

  11. What a sweet video Carlie! Thanks for giving us a peek!

  12. Carlie, So lovely. Thank you for sharing this. Really wonderful that you’re blessing so many others with this. May God bless your family!

  13. Totally just cried like a baby!! Just last year, we were in Germany then too, I was welcoming my hubby back from Afghanistan and now we’re gearing up for yet another deployment this spring. Our kids were in school then but now they are homeschooled and I honestly look forward to his homecoming and them being able to be part of it!!

    • Awwww…bless you Miranda! I am praying for you and your precious family :) Let me know if you ever need anything – prayers – encouragement – anything I can do, I am here for you!

      • Thank you so much Carlie….and props to you being in Graf…lol….I barley handled winters in Wiesbaden. My hubby was up your way for training and said he almost froze to death…lol :)

        • Hahahaha, I have heard the winter’s here are a little more harsh than K-town and Wiesbaden :) But I will tell you this – it is NOTHING compared to the winter’s we spent at Fort Drum….NOTHING! LOL.