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Weltenburg Narrows {Kelheim, Germany}

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This summer we spent time with some good friends visiting Kelheim, Germany. We went specifically to go on a boat cruise to see the carved rocks of the “Weltenburg Narrows” of the Danube river. And it did not disappoint!

One of the most famous points of Weltenburg is the Abbey established in 617. Weltenburg Abbey was founded by the Hiberno-Scottish monks Eustasius and Agilus of Luxeuil following the rules of St. Columba. In 1803 the Abbey is dissolved during secularization. And in 1913, Weltenburg becomes an abbey again. Main functions of the Abbey are the parish pastoral care (of four parishes) and the accommodation of guests in St. George’s guesthouse.

Currently, the Weltenburg Abbey houses 14 monks; since 1998 Thomas Maria Freihart is abbot. The Abbey buildings are highly flood-prone due to their immediate riverside location on the Danube. Between January and October 2006 barriers were built to protect the Abbey from flooding.

We all went on a boat cruise to see the carved rocks of the “Weltenburg Narrows” of the Danube river. And it did not disappoint!

Kelheim, Germany

There were boats galore and the our children LOVED seeing them pass by!

Kelheim, Germany

There were crosses….and flowers…

Our daughter had a really great time on the boat – it was one of the highlights of her trip.

 Hubby’s favorite part was the food…of course…hahahahaha! We ate in the courtyard of the Abbey. The Coke in the photo below was so small, as was the glass. We were laughing so hard when they brought it to the table coupled with his monstrosity of a lunch complete with knife stuck in it!

Kelheim, Germany

 The children also enjoyed climbing in and out of the little “caves” along all the beautiful rock formations along the river. It was a good day with some great friends!

Weltenburg, Germany


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  1. Barron Cato says:

    Hi Carlie,

    What a fantastic blog. It’s been over 10 years since we last spoke so I don’t know if you remember me and my wife Misty from Pullman, but the Lord put Mike on my heart around 3:00 PM Pacific Coast time and I was praying for him. I had no idea he has joined the military and it is such a blessing to know that he is serving our county. I will keep him in my prayers going forward and will definitely check in to your wonderful blog because you have a beautiful family. Please give Mike my best when you next speak to him (hopefully he remembers me).

    Be blessed


    • Hi Barron! YES, we do remember you and Misty, how could we forget you two?? I am so happy to hear from you! I just called Michael at work and he was thrilled – to say the least – to hear you found my blog and reached out. He is going to be emailing you at the email address you provided when you left this comment! Please tell Misty I said hello!!

      • Barron Cato says:

        I told Misty you said hello and she was glad I was able to find you guys as well. I look forward to hearing from Mike.

  2. Carlie,

    Thank you for letting us virtually tour with you! Love the pics – beautiful places!